Kateřina Hanzalová — UX Research & Operations Portfolio 2.0

Hi, I'm Katerina.

I am a qualitative UX researcher who has worked in the industry for 8 years. I help organisations establish or scale their research practices.


Kateřina Hanzalová, she/her.

I've worked in UX research for corporate companies, start-ups, a scale-up, an educational organisation, and design consultancy as a UX researcher, Research Operations Specialist, Team Co-Leader, Project Manager, and Lecturer. I currently focus on Research Operations (establishing and improving processes for and around UX research teams) and Research Project Coordination (incl. large-scale and internationally run projects). Specifically, I’ve done ReOps and Project coordination at Livesport and Škoda Auto, and before that, I worked as a UX researcher for Czech Post, Škoda Auto and many others via 2FRESH Design. This mixture of environments and responsibilities helped me develop a well-rounded skillset and also learn about myself and my cultural fit. I thrive and bring the most value in a challenging yet supportive environment. My ideal settings include close cooperation with product teams and other stakeholders, clear roles and responsibilities, autonomy and ownership, kindness and transparency, an international team, and a growth mindset. I work in Czech or English, remotely from Portugal and travel within Europe to visit the team and work from offices. See details in my LinkedIn CV.


Writing Database


Open to work

June 10, 2024

I am actively seeking a job or a short-term project starting in July 2024. Though I have a specific idea about my dream job, please approach me in any situation where my skillset and experience can help. Thank you!


October 1, 2023

Here I selected the activities and responsibilities I enjoy doing the most. But if needed, I can always roll up my sleeves and help out by conducting qualitative research or a survey.


May 16, 2023

What is it like to work with me? I asked my former colleagues and clients. Feel free to contact any of my coworkers, clients or companies I worked for to get an independent referral.

Want to chat? Get in touch.

Let’s grab a coffee and go for a walk – Santa Cruz, Ericeira and Lisbon (Portugal) or Prague (Czechia). I am open to travelling in Europe. You can also message me (LinkedIn, email me). Built using Notion & Super by Katerina Hanzalova.

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I am currently growing my skills in managing international and cross-cultural research. I do UX Research Ops, consult and coordinate research projects, and use the principles of empowered teams.