I am a former qualitative UX researcher who has worked in the industry for 8 years. I help organisations establish or scale their research practices.


Kateřina Hanzalová, she/her.

I've worked in UX research for corporate companies, start-ups, a scale-up, an educational organisation, and design consultancy as a UX researcher, Research Operations Specialist, Team Co-Leader, Project Manager, and Lecturer. This mixture of environments and responsibilities helped me develop a well-rounded skillset for establishing and scaling research practice, building efficient processes and coordinating research activities. I also learned about my cultural fit. I thrive and bring the most value in a challenging yet supportive environment. My ideal settings include close cooperation with product teams and other stakeholders, clear roles and responsibilities, autonomy and ownership, kindness and transparency, an international team, and a growth mindset. I work remotely from Portugal and travel within Europe to visit the team and work from offices.


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Open to work

June 10, 2024

I am actively seeking a job or a short-term project starting in July 2024. Though I have a specific idea about my dream job, please approach me in any situation where my skillset and experience can help. Thank you!


October 1, 2023

I selected the activities and responsibilities I enjoy doing the most. But if needed, I can always roll up my sleeves and help out by conducting qualitative research or a survey.


May 16, 2023

What is it like to work with me? I asked my former colleagues and clients. Feel free to contact any of my coworkers, clients or companies I worked for to get an independent referral.

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