Open to work from July 2024

June 10, 2024

Open to work


I am actively seeking a job or a short-term project starting in July 2024. Though I have a specific idea about my dream job, please approach me in any situation where my skillset and experience can help. Thank you!


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Open to work from July 2024

June 10, 2024


I am actively seeking a new job or project starting in July 2024. Thank you for sharing my contact details with anyone who could use my help.


My dream job is in UX Research and includes a combination of:

  1. building efficient processes
  2. coordinating large-scale international research projects, and
  3. strengthening cooperation with the stakeholders.

I know such a combination is unique, so please, approach me in any situation where my skillset and experience can help. I recently worked on the following projects: Creating a knowledge management system for more efficient work with past research projects; consulting to establish a continuous/rolling research practice to support product teams faster; teaching basics of qual UX research in a study program. See other examples of my possible responsibilities in Services.


I thrive and bring the most value in a challenging yet supportive environment. My ideal settings include close cooperation with product teams and other stakeholders, clear roles and responsibilities, autonomy and ownership, kindness and transparency, an international team and a growth mindset. Though I’ve never worked in a non-hierarchical organisation, I worked in a self-managed team—and loved it. So I'd like to keep working with companies that serve customers by creating products customers love yet work for the business (shout out to Marty Cagan and Christina Wodtke for their explanations of empowered teams).


Starting in July 2024, I am open to long-term cooperation as well as short-term projects. I work as a contractor but am open to an employee status (as long as I can still live and work from Portugal). Part-time, full-time, or fixed-time-fixed-price work is possible. Work from the office is also possible, though I prefer hybrid or remote work. In case of a fantastic opportunity, I am open to relocation anywhere from 2025.

Are you my future colleague, or know one? Get in touch.

Let’s grab a coffee and go for a walk – Santa Cruz, Ericeira and Lisbon (Portugal) or Prague (Czechia). I am open to travelling in Europe. You can also message me (LinkedIn, email me). Built using Notion & Super by Katerina Hanzalova.